Our experienced St. Louis car accident lawyers compiled detailed answers on this page to help you regain a sense of control. This page is a guide—a compendium of useful information for you to reference and bookmark. But it’s obviously not a substitute for skilled legal insight into your options. Please contact one of our St. Louis car accident lawyers to discuss avenues of financial recovery and your family's legal options related to injuries sustained in an auto accident occurring within Missouri or Illinois.

If you suffered an injury in a St. Louis car accident, your life probably feels upside down. What can you do to restore a sense of order and coherence to your world? How should you deal with the physical, emotion, and financial pain? How might the insurance process—and, potentially, the legal process—play out? What are the best practices?

Here’s a quick summary of what we will cover. First, we explore the costs of auto accidents. Next, we’ll classify types of crashes and examine common root causes. This information is not a diagnostic tool, but it can help you think more clearly about your own case. Our St. Louis car accident lawyers explain what to do (and what to avoid doing) after an accident. Then we’ll segue into a guide to Missouri or Illinois car accident law.

Did you know that more than six million car accidents occur in the United States every year? This is no surprise since the majority of Americans use their automobile as their primary mode of transportation.  St. Louis and the counties nearby in Illinois are especially affected by an overuse in automobiles and therefore, there are countless injuries and fatalities due to car accidents.  In the United States there are around three million injuries and over forty thousand fatalities due to car accidents.



In Missouri and Illinois, we have a huge issue with car accidents.  Missouri and Illinois have over one hundred and fifty thousand car accidents annually, with around eight hundred people actually dying in those car accidents. Usually, car accidents occur due to the driver of one vehicle being distracted by either their cell phone, or another occupant in the car. Most recently, the use of a cell phone to text while driving a car has become the cause of countless accidents and the cause of numerous injuries to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and innocent bystanders. Obviously, alcohol or drugs can also affect the driver’s vision and mindset.  All of these factors can distract a car driver and cause accidents.



If you are interested in more car accident statistics, visit the Missouri Department of Transportation’s website.



Automobile Accident Types


If you were in a car accident, there is a likely chance that you or another passenger in the car was hurt during the accident. Sadly, catastrophic injuries can happen in car accidents and happen more frequently than one would think. These catastrophic injuries include, but are not limited to:


Brain injuries

Spinal cord injuries

Burn injuries

Bone and skull injuries

Eye and sensory injuries


Back Injuries



These types of injuries require expert legal teams to defend the victims. The Sumner Law Group has dealt firmly and fairly with a multitude of catastrophic personal injury cases. The Sumner Law Group has won many millions of dollars for their clients that have been hurt by the negligence of other car drivers.



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