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Road construction in the St. Louis area is constant as the Missouri DOT works to keep streets and roads safe and well-maintained for Missouri drivers. While repairs and improvements are necessary, construction zones can present hazards for unwary and incautious drivers. Accidents happen, and people can be injured when they do.

At Sumner Law Group, LLC, our road construction accident lawyers understand the complexities of car accidents in construction zones. When someone needs to claim meaningful compensation for injuries and losses they sustained in a construction zone accident, significant challenges can arise. Determining who could be at fault for a construction zone crash is often difficult.

If you suffered injuries in a St. Louis construction zone car accident, you need experienced legal representation. Your lawyer can work through the liability issues and challenges that exist when they seek compensation for your losses. Our boutique litigation firm is ready to help you.

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Reasons to Select Our St. Louis Construction Zone Car Crash Lawyers

Construction zone accidents are complicated, so you need an experienced attorney to help you with yours. With over 50 years of combined legal practice, our litigation firm has the experience and resources to pursue the maximum compensation you deserve. We have an extensive track record of helping accident victims like you recover significant settlements and verdicts.

Managing a construction zone car accident claim is different from those of other car accidents. Liability can rest with an at-fault driver, construction company, contractor, or government entity, for example. Sometimes, multiple entities could be liable, making recovering the money you need even more difficult.

Don’t try to handle your case alone. At Sumner Law Group, LLC, let us advocate for you, so all you have to do is focus on your health and recovery.

Why Highway Work Zones Are Dangerous for Drivers

For St. Louis commuters, construction zones often seem like fixtures in their daily lives. There is no getting around them, no matter which route you choose. Unfortunately, highway work zones create unique safety hazards that make routine drives dangerous for residents and newcomers to Missouri. The Missouri Department of Transportation estimates that in one recent year, there were 33 fatalities in Missouri work zones.

What makes highway work zones dangerous for drivers? Several factors are involved, including frequent changes in traffic patterns and speed limits. Slowdowns, traffic jams, and lane closures that change traffic patterns and stall traffic are common causes of significant rear-end accidents. Detours can also confuse drivers, leading to crashes with other cars or collisions with construction vehicles and equipment.

Common Causes and Types of Construction Zone Car Accidents in St. Louis

Navigating a St. Louis construction zone is challenging, and losing your bearings can be easy. Workers, loud equipment, and improper or confusing signage can make construction zones more than a nuisance. They can be dangerous.

Some of the most common causes of work zone accidents in St. Louis include:

  • Changes in traffic patterns around construction sites
  • Sudden changes in speed limit
  • Lack of warning signs
  • Lack of cones or barriers
  • Unclear or improper traffic directions
  • Equipment or machinery in or near the roadway
  • Steep drop-offs
  • Lack of a shoulder
  • Slow-moving construction vehicles
  • Distracted construction crews
  • Loose cargo and debris
  • Poor lighting

Construction zones can be confusing, so crews need to give drivers adequate information about how to drive through them safely. Without proper guidance and signage, confusion turns to chaos, and that’s when accidents happen

Determining Liability for Highway Construction Car Accidents

Determining liability for a highway construction car accident is not easy. One of the factors that makes construction accident claims more difficult is that multiple parties may be liable for causing the crash. Parties that may be partially or wholly liable for construction zone crashes could include:

  • Other at-fault drivers
  • Construction companies
  • Contractors
  • Road crew employees
  • Construction site owners
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Engineers
  • Government entities

You need the help and experience only a road construction accident lawyer can provide. Our attorneys can investigate the cause of the crash, collect evidence, and then use that evidence to identify all potentially liable parties involved in the collision. Then, we can determine the best course of action possible to recover the money you need to cover your accident-related losses.

Potential Compensation for Injuries in Construction Zone Car Crashes

The value of a construction zone accident depends on multiple factors, like the nature of the accident and the severity of your injuries and related losses. However, in most cases, an injured victim can pursue money for the following:

  • Medical bills, present and future
  • Lost wages, present and future
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Reduced enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

Although many accident victims start by pursuing an insurance claim, in some situations, suing a responsible party for a construction zone car accident may be the best option to recover maximum compensation. A seasoned construction accident attorney in St. Louis can review your situation, calculate your total losses, and advise you about the legal path that gives you the best chance of obtaining the money you need.

How Our Highway Work Zone Crash Lawyers Can Help You

Our construction zone car crash lawyers stand prepared to advocate for you and protect your legal rights during the compensation recovery process. At Sumner Law Group, LLC, our legal team:

  • Thoroughly investigates the cause of the accident
  • Identifies all potentially liable parties
  • Protects your legal rights
  • Manages communications between you and all the involved parties
  • Collects and preserves crucial evidence to build a compelling claim
  • Files your claim and makes a demand for full compensation
  • Aggressively negotiates for fair compensation
  • Takes your case to trial when a settlement cannot be reached

We are prepared to do whatever it takes to pursue the money you need. Our boutique law firm treats clients with the compassion and respect they deserve while holding insurers and liable parties accountable to obtain justice and the compensation you’re owed.

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