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After a serious accident, you will quickly see how aggressive insurance companies can be. The adjuster may seem nice at first, but their underlying motivations are to pay you as little as possible. Their concern for your well-being is actually a test to try to get you to say something that could hurt your case. Their attorneys are already busy working against you.

This is why you need an experienced St. Louis accident attorney on your side from the very beginning. At Sumner Law Group, LLC, our attorneys have earned a reputation for taking on powerful insurance companies. Our trial team has a long track record of winning millions of dollars in payouts for our clients. In fact, our track record at trial gives us an edge in every negotiation. Insurers know we fight for the best possible outcome ─ and we don’t settle for less.

If you have been hurt in an accident in St. Louis, or anywhere else in Missouri or Illinois, get the tough legal representation you need today. Contact our personal injury law firm for a free case review now.