$60,000 Dog Bite Injury Settlement

After being bitten on the face by a neighbor’s dog, a young boy suffered facial scarring. Through the homeowners insurance policy of the dog owner, we helped resolve the claim for a $60,000 settlement payment. Learn more of this case’s details here.

$40,000 Rental Truck Accident Settlement

We recently secured a $40,000 settlement for our client, injured while riding as a passenger in an Enterprise rental truck. Our client suffered injuries to his chest, neck, back, and head. Learn more details here.

$25,000,000 Verdict for A Man Assaulted in a Restaurant

Nine day trial on behalf of a man who was beaten nearly to death at a fast food restaurant by eight customers. Theory of liability: negligent security & general negligence. 4thLargest Verdict in Missouri (Missouri Lawyers Weekly) and 82nd Nationally for 2013 (National Law Journal).

$53,000 Settlement for Florissant, MO Accident

After being struck by another vehicle, our client suffered back, arm, shoulder, and head pain. Sumner Law Group secured a settlement of $53,000 from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Learn more details here.

$100,000 Car Accident Settlement for St. Louis Driver

After a driver turning left failed to appreciate oncoming traffic, our client was struck resulting in her suffering painful disc injuries and headaches. Sumner Law Group helped to recover full policy limits of $100,000. Learn more details of this case here.

$100,000 Rear-End Crash Settlement in St. Louis County

Our client was rear-ended by another motorist and suffered from pain in her knee, hip, lower back, neck, and head. Learn the details of this case here.

$50,000 Settlement for Shrewsbury Car Accident

Our client was rear-ended by a vehicle that was rear-ended by a third vehicle. Sumner Law Group represented our injured client and the case was settled for the policy limits. Learn details from this case here.

Policy Limits Paid in Pedestrian Accident Settlement

Our client had to be airlifted after he was struck while crossing an intersection. He suffered a brain injury, broken bones and more. Sumner Law Group investigated the incident thoroughly and aided by eyewitness testimony, proved that the at-fault driver had increased his speed to get ahead of closing railroad arms. Learn more details here.

$250,000 Settlement in Head-On Collision

After a head-on collision left our client dealing with multiple surgeries and permanent hardware in his leg, we secured $25,000 policy limits from the at-fault driver’s policy and another $225,000 through an underinsured motorist (UIM) claim with our client’s insurance company. Learn more details of the case here.

$7 Million Policy Limits Truck Accident Case

We recently successfully argued to a trial court in McLean County, Illinois, that our client should be entitled to $7 million in bodily injury limits because there were seven different truck/trailers covered by the policy. Read more about the case here.