$14,200,000 Motorcycle Crash Verdict

After a 9 day trial, Phelps County client awarded $14.2 million after suffering a traumatic brain injury due to a motorcycle crash. Learn More Here.

$650K Verdict for Injured Motorist

A Ladue driver hit from behind was awarded $650,000 after being hit by a distracted driver and suffering from neck injuries. Learn more here.

$6,000,000 Settlement from Building Collapse

A worker injured during the partial collapse of an old building in St. Louis reached at least $6 million in combined settlements with help from Brent Sumner. Learn more about the case!

$25,000,000 Verdict.

Nine day trial on behalf of a man who was beaten nearly to death at a fast food restaurant. The man was beaten by eight customers of the restaurant shortly after he pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. Theory of liability: negligent security & general negligence. 4thLargest Verdict in Missouri (Missouri Lawyers Weekly) and 82nd Nationally for 2013 (National Law Journal).

$6,000,000 Settlement – Motor Vehicle Crash or 18 Wheeler Crash or Big Truck Crash.

Our client’s son was killed when his car was hit by a tractor trailer in Missouri.  We filed suit against the trucking company for the negligent actions of its truck driver.  Under the safety rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck drivers and trucking companies are required to drug and alcohol test truck drivers that are involved in Tractor Trailer crashes within 8 hours after the crash.  In this case, the truck driver never received a post-crash drug test.  Additionally, the truck driver was not qualified to drive 18 wheelers.  As personal injury lawyers, we fight for our clients and want to take cases to trial.  Brent Sumner has experience trying 18 wheeler crash cases and can maximize the money paid by trucking companies in a settlement.

$4,877,800 Verdict.

Eight day trial on behalf of a truck driver who was injured while attempting to unload cargo from his trailer. The cargo was loaded improperly within the trailer and it tumbled down onto his head causing a brain injury and orthopedic injuries.

$2,200,000 Verdict.

Three day jury trial on behalf of a man that was badly injured when the tractor trailer in front of him stopped suddenly.  Our client suffered significant bodily injuries in the crash.  We helped change how this trucking company inspects 18 wheelers for safety.

$2,050,000 Settlement– Drunk Driver Hits and Kills 2 Men. Wrongful Death, Dram Shop Liability from a drunk driving car crash.

We filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the families of two men who were hit head on and killed by a drunk driver. In addition to suing the driver, we also sued the two bars where the drunk driver spent the night drinking.  Under Missouri Dram Shop law, a third party can sue the bars that over-serve the drunk driver if you can prove that the bars knowingly served an intoxicated person.  Brent Sumner is an experienced personal injury lawyer in Missouri.  Brent Sumner handles drunk driving cases and dram shop cases throughout the state of Missouri.  In this case, the drunk driver had a blood alcohol content of .247 a hour after the crash.  The drunk driver crossed the grass median on a highway and hit our clients head on at 96MPH.  Our firm brought claims against both the driver for his negligence and the two bars that served an intoxicated person in Cape Girardeau County, State of Missouri. We fought for our clients and were able  to settle the case before trial and hold all the defendants responsible for their careless actions.

$2,000,000 Settlement – Motor Vehicle Crash with Big Truck.

An employee of a construction company negligently parked a company truck and trailer unattended in the road which caused a motor vehicle crash that killed our client’s 7 year old son. The driver failed to place any warning signs, cones, or flashers around the truck to warn drivers of the unsafe condition. Under the safety rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck drivers and trucking companies are required to place warning signs or cones behind a parked truck. Additionally, companies are required to train its employees on safety. We discovered that the construction company never trained the employee on parking trucks and trailers safely in residential neighborhoods. The truck driver never placed any warning devices behind his truck to warn other drivers. We filed suit against the construction company and took depositions of the people involved in the crash. On behalf of the family we hired truck safety experts to testify regarding the actions of the truck driver. This case was extremely difficult because our client ran into the back of the parked trailer. We were able to change the focus from our client to the actions of the trucking company and employee which ultimately settled the case for $2 Million.

$1,750,000 Verdict.

Three day jury trial on behalf of a motorcycle rider that was hit by a car that failed to yield and turned in front of him. The client broke several bones in his body and will not work again in his field.