East St. Louis Crash Leads To Insurance Payment

Our client was a passenger injured in a 2020 East St. Louis crash at an intersection. The driver and another passenger were also injured in the crash. For more than three years, the insurance company for the negligent driver argued that our client was not a passenger but was driving on an invalid license at the time of the crash. The insurance company further argued that its insured was not responsible for the crash and that our client was not injured as a result of the impact. The at-fault driver attempted to claim that there were witnesses to the crash even though those witnesses did not speak to the police officer. Our client had pre-existing spinal injuries that required surgery even prior to this crash. We filed suit on behalf of our client, investigated the at-fault driver, took her deposition under oath, and also deposed the other parties in the vehicle. Through litigation, we were able to secure a settlement for our client to help him with his incurred medical bills and pain and suffering.

Crawford County Man Receives Payment of Policy Limits

While traveling westbound on I-44, our client encountered a military vehicle parked on the highway, blocking the lane of travel. To avoid impact, our client swerved to the left lane and slowed down, at which time he was rear-ended by a vehicle traveling in the fast lane who did not appreciate that traffic was stopped due to the military vehicle. Our client, right before impact, could see the driver behind him looking to the right, distracted by the military vehicles parked on the roadway.

Our client presented to the emergency room for neck, back, and head pain. He followed up with pain management and was subsequently diagnosed with several disc injuries in his low back, which eventually required surgery. We secured the policy limits from the at-fault driver which, unfortunately, were only $50,000. We then worked with our client’s medical providers to reduce his medical bills so that he could pocket some money as a result of this serious crash. This case is a great example of why it is so important for everyone to secure Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage so that you can be protected in situations like this where the at-fault driver is not carrying much insurance at the time of the crash.

Southeast Missouri State University Pays Bus Passenger $140,000

damage to the bus and van involved in the accident

Our client was a passenger on a Cape County Transit Authority bus which was rear-ended at a stop sign by a Southeast Missouri University (SEMO) painter driving a cargo van. The SEMO employee admitted fault at the scene of the crash but then during his deposition, attempted to shift blame to the bus driver. We were able to use his statements immediately following the impact and the statements of the investigating police officer to build a solid case of liability.

Despite the SEMO employee claiming the impact was simply a “bump”, we developed evidence showing the property damage to both vehicles, which were quite heavy, was moderate. Our client suffered disc herniations requiring injections for several years. Although the defense tried to argue that our client must not have been too injured as he was able to continue his preaching duties at his church and go on road trips with his wife, we secured the opinions from his treating physicians and were able to demonstrate that our client was merely trying to move on with his life, despite his injuries. Ultimately, the defense agreed to pay our client $140,000 for what he suffered as a result of the crash.

Young Man Receives $900,000 For Injuries From St. Louis City Motorcycle Crash

In 2019, our client was severely injured when a truck started a U-turn on a busy road in St. Louis City, Missouri.  While our client was safely operating his Harley Davidson motorcycle, he was unable to stop before striking the truck which was situated in the middle of the roadway.  Thankfully, a local convenience store captured the incident on surveillance video.  Due to the severity of the impact and his resulting concussion, our client was unable to recall the crash itself nor was he able to remember much of the treatment he received in the weeks following the crash.  In addition to his head injury, our client suffered numerous other internal injuries and fractured bones requiring him to stay in the Intensive Care Unit for some time.  While there were some facts associated with the case that may have been viewed negatively by a jury at trial, we successfully developed the evidence in a way that forced the defense to want to settle the case.  Ultimately, the insurance company for the truck driver and his employer paid $900,000 to resolve the case.

Retired Woman Receives Policy Limits For St. Louis City Crash

Last summer, our client was traveling on Kingshighway in St. Louis City, Missouri, when a driver carelessly reversed his vehicle into the front passenger side of her vehicle.  The at-fault driver tried to leave the scene but our client exited her vehicle and directed him to stay.  As a result of the impact, she suffered injuries to her neck and left shoulder which caused her to present to a local pain management specialist and a chiropractor for treatment.  Even though our client was retired at the time of the crash and therefore, suffered no lost wages and also had pre-existing injuries to her neck, we were able to secure the at-fault policy limits for her.

Cape Girardeau Restaurant Owner Receives $650,000 From Own Insurance Company

A local restaurant owner was injured in a multi-car crash in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  We were able to secure the policy limits from the insurance carrier for the at-fault driver.  Our client had significant injuries requiring treatment that spanned over multiple years which made traveling to Thailand to visit family difficult and painful.  Given the losses suffered from our client, we explored her underinsured motorist coverage and discovered a large policy through her restaurant ownership.  We invited her insurance carrier to intervene into the local civil lawsuit and participate in the litigation.  At mediation, we produced reports from our client’s treating physicians clearly outlining her injuries and expected additional treatment.  Our client’s underinsurance carrier ultimately agreed to pay an additional $650,000 to resolve her claim.

$7 Million Policy Limits Truck Accident Case

We recently successfully argued to a trial court in McLean County, Illinois, that our client should be entitled to $7 million in bodily injury limits because there were seven different truck/trailers covered by the policy. Read more about the case here.

$25,000,000 Verdict for A Man Assaulted in a Restaurant

Nine day trial on behalf of a man who was beaten nearly to death at a fast food restaurant by eight customers. Theory of liability: negligent security & general negligence. 4thLargest Verdict in Missouri (Missouri Lawyers Weekly) and 82nd Nationally for 2013 (National Law Journal).

$14,200,000 Motorcycle Crash Verdict

After a 9 day trial, Phelps County client awarded $14.2 million after suffering a traumatic brain injury due to a motorcycle crash. Learn More Here.

$6,000,000 Settlement from Building Collapse

A worker injured during the partial collapse of an old building in St. Louis reached at least $6 million in combined settlements with help from Brent Sumner. Learn more about this case that was #21 in the State of Missouri for 2020.