$1,750,000 Settlement.

Settled at mediation on behalf of leather press worker who was injured while feeding leather through a defectively modified leather press.

$1,500,000 product liability case settlement

We sued an American car manufacturer for negligent design and safety in a rollover vehicle crash. We also sued the tire manufacturer because the tire blew out and caused the crash.

1,475,000 Motor Vehicle Crash Settlement

Our client was injured in a motor vehicle crash in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on Kings highway that involved an O’Reilly Auto Parts truck. We mediated the case against the defendants and they agreed to pay $1,475,000 to settle the case.

$715,000 Premises Liability Settlement

We filed suit against a corporation for negligent training of its employees. One of the corporation’s employees assaulted our client which resulted in significant injuries to the client.

$700,000 Settlement.

We represented a 79 year old man that was hit and killed in a motor vehicle crash in the City of St. Louis. We filed suit on behalf of the family against the person that hit him and settled the case right before trial.

$506,000 Medical malpractice Jury verdict

We represented the family of a man that died when his treating doctor failed to diagnose lung cancer. A jury agreed that erring on the side of caution was always the best course of action. The family of the deceased was awarded $506,000 for the wrongful death.

$500,000 Settlement.

Settled at mediation on behalf of young boy poisoned by lead-based paint while living in a rented house with his mother.

$475,000 medical malpractice Settlement

We sued a local hospital and Emergency department doctor for negligence and deviation from the standard of care when the facility and doctor failed to treat a cyst on our client’s foot that ultimately led to her foot being amputated as a result of them not treating her cyst.

$300,000 Motor Vehicle Crash Settlement

Our client was rear-ended in a motor vehicle crash by a negligent driver who was not paying attention. We filed suit against the insurance company demanding the $300,000 policy of the negligent driver.

$175,000 slip and fall Settlement

We represented a woman that slipped and fell at a grocery store and sued the store for negligent training of its employees and failing to train them on proper procedures when it comes to cleaning the floors.