$1,475,000 Settlement – Motor Vehicle Crash with a company truck.

Our client was injured in a motor vehicle crash in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on Kingshighway that involved an O’Reilly Auto Parts truck. Our client suffered a back injury in the crash and ended up having a lumbar fusion because of her injuries. We filed a personal injury lawsuit in Cape Girardeau against O’Reilly Auto Parts and its employee for negligence. The O’Reilly employee was driving too fast for conditions, lost control over the truck, swerved into oncoming traffic and T-boned the driver’s side of our client’s car. In discovery, we learned that the O’Reilly employee had a bad driving history of speeding and her license was suspended prior to being hired by O’Reilly. We filed for punitive damages after we learned these facts. We hired truck safety fleet driving experts to review the hiring process of O’Reilly and testify against them. Plaintiff’s treating doctor testified to her injuries and the future care needed. We mediated the case against the defendants and they agreed to pay $1,475,000 to settle the case.

$715,000 Premises Liability Settlement.

We filed suit against a corporation for negligent training of its employees. One of the corporation’s employees assaulted our client which resulted in significant injuries to the client. We hired a security expert to discuss the negligence of the employee and testify against the corporation. We set the case for trial in front of a jury and gave the insurance company a final demand. The insurance company for the corporation paid our demand a few weeks before trial was set to begin. We stayed aggressive in the case and pushed for trial. We showed the insurance company that we were prepared to take the case all of the way.

$700,000 Settlement.

We represented a 79 year old man that was hit and killed in a motor vehicle crash in the City of St. Louis. We filed suit on behalf of the family against the person that hit him and settled the case right before trial.

$506,000 Jury verdict on a medical malpractice case.

We represented the family of a man that died when his treating doctor failed to diagnose lung cancer. We alleged that if the doctor would have spent the time with the patient and done the necessary x-rays to rule out cancer perhaps treatment could have saved his life. A jury agreed that erring on the side of caution was always the best course of action. The family of the deceased was awarded $506,000 for the wrongful death.

$500,000 Settlement.

Settled at mediation on behalf of young boy poisoned by lead-based paint while living in a rented house with his mother.

$475,000 medical malpractice Settlement.

We sued a local hospital and Emergency department doctor for negligence and deviation from the standard of care when the facility and doctor failed to treat a cyst on our client’s foot that ultimately led to her foot being amputated as a result of them not treating her cyst. The client reported her symptoms to the hospital and doctor and they were ignored. We sued the hospital and doctor for negligence because they failed to care and take the time with the patient necessary to get the treatment right. If that would have been done, the infection could have been treated and our client would have kept her foot.

$300,000 Motor Vehicle Crash Settlement.

Our client was rear-ended in a motor vehicle crash by a negligent driver who was not paying attention. Our client received medical treatment for injuries to her back. After extensive physical therapy, the client was not any better and still complaining of pain in her back. The client went to see an orthopedic surgeon who performed surgery on her spine in order to relieve pressure on her nerve. We filed suit against the insurance company demanding the $300,000 policy of the negligent driver. After years of litigation the insurance company settled with us for the $300,000 we demanded.

$175,000 slip and fall Settlement.

We represented a woman that slipped and fell at a grocery store. We sued the grocery store for negligent training of its employees and failing to train them on proper procedures when it comes to cleaning the floors. Our client came to the store and did not have any notice that the floors were wet. There were no signs up and no employee told her that the floors were just mopped. Our client slipped and fell and hurt her knees as a result of the fall. We filed suit and the insurance company for the grocery store settled with us for full and fair compensation. We also requested that the policies change so this never happens again.

$100,000 Motor Vehicle Crash Settlement.

Our client was involved in a motor vehicle crash with a negligent driver that pulled out in front of her. Our client was injured in the crash. Our client was recovering from neck surgery at the time of the crash and was forced to undergo another surgery on her neck after the crash. We demanded the insurance policy of $100,000 for the negligent driver. We fought with the insurance company regarding our client’s pre-existing neck injury. The insurance company eventually settled with us and paid the full amount we demanded.

Confidential Settlement.

We represented the family of a man that was hit and killed by a commercial driver. We filed a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased’s wife and three kids against the company. The case settled for a confidential amount before trial. We were able to set up annuities for the wife and children to provide financial support for the rest of their lives.