The St. Louis semi truck accident Lawyers at the Sumner Law Group understand what it is like to be involved in an accident with a tractor trailer or large vehicle. The Sumner Law Group has provided legal representation all over Missouri and Illinois for those who, through no fault of their own, have been injured in accidents involving large trucks, including tractor trailers, tanker trucks and construction vehicles. Our firm has represented families who have lost loved ones because of the negligent conduct of truck drivers and trucking companies. The Sumner Law Group has focused our legal team of St. Louis semi truck accident lawyers on car accidents and personal injury cases in the St. Louis area and in Illinois. We know the St. Louis and Illinois highways and byways extremely well and have had countless clients who have been vindicated by our team of lawyers.



Should I hire The Sumner Law Group if I've been injured in a crash with a tractor trailer? Brent Sumner has a lot of experience handling trucking cases. We use a truck safety expert on all cases that understand the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations and rules for drivers and trucking companies. We also hire an accident reconstructionist to investigate the crash. We routinely handle tractor trailer cases so we have all of the experts necessary to fight the trucking company. After our experts investigate the crash, we file suit against the trucking company for negligent hiring and training of the truck driver. We also sue the truck driver for his negligence in causing the crash. We seek millions of dollars for the injured victims or the deceased. We force the trucking company to change their policies and procedures to prevent future crashes. We are aggressive. It is our experience in trial handling million dollar injury cases that separate us from everyone else in town. Brent Sumner was named a Top 100 personal injury trial lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association because of his success in trial fighting for the injured. If you are an attorney needing help with your trucking case please contact us. We have the necessary experts and all of the discovery motions to help you maximize your case. We routinely co-counsel with other lawyers to handle their trials.


How Our St. Louis Semi Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help:


Facing the catastrophic results of a truck accident alone can be frightening. Who can you turn to for advice about the many practical, medical and legal issues you will confront? How can you best protect your interests when you are up against the money and power of a big trucking company? The St. Louis semi truck accident lawyers at the Sumner Law Group know these answers well. We have a network of legal experts that will help us build your case, and ensure your case for a successful settlement or trial verdict. Along the way our attorneys will answer your questions and explain legal procedures. What we can promise you is that we will not rest until we have exceeded your expectations and delivered the best possible outcome in your case.


If you or your loved ones have been hurt in a car or tractor trailer accident, immediately contact us. There is no cost to you to sit down with our staff of experts and create a plan for your future case. We do not believe in charging upfront fees, we will earn our payment by getting you paid for the negligence of others! You are in expert hands with the lawyers at the Sumner Law Group when it comes to tractor trailer accidents or any type of car accident. Our office number is 314-669-0048 or if you would prefer you can contact us via email at