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Like other delivery services, FedEx plays a vital role in the lives of many people in St. Louis and across Missouri. Households and businesses depend on FedEx to send and receive documents, products, and high-value items across the country and worldwide. However, so many delivery vans on the road can lead to dangerous and life-threatening traffic crashes. 

If you have suffered injuries in a St. Louis FedEx delivery truck accident, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain, suffering, and other losses. However, accident claims involving commercial vehicles can be challenging due to the involvement of businesses and insurers. 

The experienced FedEx truck crash attorneys at Sumner Law Group, LLC, know what steps to take to optimize your chances of receiving the full and fair compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation with a FedEx truck accident lawyer in St. Louis.

Common Causes of FedEx Truck Collisions 

FedEx drivers are involved in accidents for many of the same reasons as operators of other commercial vehicles. Some of the most common causes of accidents involving FedEx trucks include: 

By identifying and preventing these common collision causes, FedEx can help reduce truck crashes and improve roadway safety. Accident victims can also use these factors to help prove the FedEx driver’s negligence after a crash occurs.

What to Do If You’ve Been in an Accident Caused by a FedEx Truck

Knowing what steps to take after a FedEx Ground Delivery truck accident can help improve your chances of physical and financial recovery. After a collision, be sure to do the following:

Seek Immediate Medical Attention 

The shock of an accident can release adrenaline into the body, masking the pain of any injuries you have sustained. Even if you do not feel hurt at first, see a doctor for an examination as soon after the accident as you can. Discovering your injuries early will help your prognosis. It will also create medical documentation linking the accident and your injuries.

Begin Collecting Evidence

Gather medical reports, get a copy of the police report, and record accounts of how the accident happened from anyone else riding with you at the time of the crash. Keep a journal about your treatment, how you feel from day to day, and the impact the injuries have on your life. 

Avoid Making Statements About the Accident 

Do not provide statements about the accident to anyone, whether in person, on the phone, or online. The at-fault party’s insurer will use anything you say to attempt to devalue or reject your claim. 

Speak with Our Experienced St. Louis Truck Accident Attorneys 

Engaging legal counsel is the most effective way to begin working toward the compensation you deserve. A St. Louis commercial vehicle accident lawyer from Sumner Law Group, LLC, is ready to work to maximize your FedEx truck accident compensation.

Compensation You Could Recover from a St. Louis FedEx Truck Accident Claim 

Depending on the nature and severity of your injuries, FedEx truck injury claims can allow you to recover money for:

  • Medical expenses for your accident-related injuries
  • Lost income if your injuries cause you to miss time at work
  • Reduced earning capacity if your injuries cause long-term or permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Physical and psychological pain and suffering you have endured as a result of the at-fault party’s negligence
  • Property damage if you need to repair or replace your automobile or other valuables

Our knowledgeable delivery truck accident attorneys can analyze your situation and calculate how much you may be eligible to receive for all your losses.

Proving Liability in FedEx Truck Accident Cases 

To receive compensation after an accident with a FedEx vehicle, you must prove the FedEx driver’s negligence directly caused your injuries. Our experienced attorneys can obtain key evidence that could include:

  • Truck driver logs – Logs can reveal violations of hours of service regulations or other safety rules by FedEx truck drivers.
  • Witness statements – Eyewitness accounts can provide critical third-party testimony on what happened.
  • Videos – Security camera and dashcam videos can give objective visual evidence of how the crash occurred.
  • Truck inspection records – Documentation of any equipment defects or failures could help demonstrate negligence.
  • Expert analysis – Accident reconstruction and engineering experts can analyze physical evidence and testify on fault.
  • Driver history – Past traffic violations, license suspensions, or failed drug tests could indicate negligence.

Your attorney can collect all applicable evidence and build the strongest case possible to prove the driver and FedEx should be legally liable for your injury-related losses. 

Dealing with FedEx’s Insurance Company After a Truck Accident in St. Louis

After a FedEx truck accident, you will likely need to negotiate with FedEx’s insurance provider. Large companies often have entire claims departments dedicated to limiting payouts. To avoid getting taken advantage of:

  • Consult our attorneys immediately to handle communications and settlement negotiations.
  • Refrain from accepting an early settlement offer, which will likely be for far less than the full value of your losses.
  • Provide documentation to substantiate the details and costs of your accident-related losses.
  • Have our experienced attorneys evaluate your claim and fight for maximum compensation.
  • Be prepared for drawn-out negotiations requiring persistence and patience.
  • Have our lawyers file a personal injury lawsuit to pursue the compensation you deserve if the at-fault parties won’t agree to a fair settlement.

With our assertive attorneys on your side, you can counter tactics by FedEx’s insurance company and work toward the compensation you’re due. Let our lawyers handle the insurance details while you focus on your recovery.

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