$60,000 Dog Bite Injury Settlement

After being bitten on the face by a neighbor’s dog, a young boy suffered facial scarring. Through the homeowners insurance policy of the dog owner, we helped resolve the claim for a $60,000 settlement payment. Learn more of this case’s details here.

$53,000 Settlement for Florissant, MO Accident

After being struck by another vehicle, our client suffered back, arm, shoulder, and head pain. Sumner Law Group secured a settlement of $53,000 from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Learn more details here.

$50,000 Settlement for Shrewsbury Car Accident

Our client was rear-ended by a vehicle that was rear-ended by a third vehicle. Sumner Law Group represented our injured client and the case was settled for the policy limits. Learn details from this case here.

$40,000 Rental Truck Accident Settlement

We recently secured a $40,000 settlement for our client, injured while riding as a passenger in an Enterprise rental truck. Our client suffered injuries to his chest, neck, back, and head. Learn more details here.

$37,500 Settlement in Negligent Lane Change Case

A woman suffered minor injuries to her neck, back, and shoulder in a car accident.  While operating her vehicle on a side street in St. Charles County, Missouri, our client’s vehicle was hit on the driver’s side when another vehicle driving in the same direction negligently entered her lane of travel and hit her. We filed a claim against the other driver’s insurance company for negligently causing a crash.

Missouri Car Crash Case Settled for Policy Limits

Our client underwent extensive physical therapy for disc herniations after he was rear-ended at a stop light by an inattentive driver. Sumner Law Group settled his car crash case for the policy limits. Learn more details here.

Policy Limits Paid in Pedestrian Accident Settlement

Our client had to be airlifted after he was struck while crossing an intersection. He suffered a brain injury, broken bones and more. Sumner Law Group investigated the incident thoroughly and aided by eyewitness testimony, proved that the at-fault driver had increased his speed to get ahead of closing railroad arms. Learn more details here.

Confidential Settlement.

We represented the family of a man that was hit and killed by a commercial driver. We filed a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased’s wife and three kids against the company. The case settled for a confidential amount before trial. We were able to set up annuities for the wife and children to provide financial support for the rest of their lives.