Which Apartment Security Measures Should Be in Place?

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If you live in an apartment in St. Louis, you want to be confident in its security features. Because landlords could be found liable if a tenant is injured due to inadequate security, they also have a vested interest in ensuring that your apartment is secure. Certain essential apartment security measures are critical, from robust locks to sophisticated surveillance systems to community initiatives to ensure all tenants are safe.

Understanding the Importance of Apartment Security

Apartment safety is important to consider when shopping for an apartment. When looking for a new place, ask about alarm systems and see where the security cameras are located around the premises. You will want to know how the access control systems work for the common areas and whether neighborhood watch programs exist to give you the security and peace of mind you desire when returning home to your apartment at the end of the day.

Essential Apartment Security Measures Your Landlord Should Implement

Landlords should proactively implement security measures to protect their tenants and guests. Some examples of steps landlords should take to improve apartment security include:

  • Installing an apartment security system – Sophisticated security systems with door and window sensors can rapidly alert law enforcement to any threats or incidents occurring on the property. Video surveillance can provide an additional deterrent to criminal activity. Security guards may be necessary to provide adequate security in some situations.
  • Upgrading door locks – From installing a door security bar to reinforcing sliding doors, there are easy and inexpensive ways to further secure doors for tenants’ safety. Keeping doors and windows locked can protect an apartment unit from intruders.
  • Using intercom systems – By installing and using intercom systems throughout apartment buildings, management can alert tenants to any threats in an individual apartment building or within the complex.
  • Positioning lighting solutions – Another essential means of properly securing an apartment complex’s premises is installing proper lighting in the parking lots, common areas, hallways, and stairwells. Keeping these areas well-lit with appropriate lighting may deter criminal activity that puts people at risk.

Landlord Liability for Negligent Security at an Apartment Complex

Under Missouri Law, the landlord or property owner may be responsible for paying your medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses related to your injuries in a premises liability case based on inadequate security.

Landlords must take reasonable steps to keep their properties safe. Failure to do so could give rise to a negligent security claim, should the lack of safety measures result in criminal activity. For example, the lack of adequate lighting, broken door locks, and missing security cameras could serve as evidence in your case if you suffer injuries due to criminal activity. In Missouri, you have five years to bring a negligent security claim against a landlord or property owner.

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