The Ugly Truth About Snapchat and Driving

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Social media provides a fun way to keep up with friends and family. You can post photos or videos and let people know where you are, what you are doing and who you are with — all with a few clicks on your cellphone. While applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat continue to gain new users, they are increasingly raising concerns regarding their contribution to. Snapchat in particular has been the focus of recent lawsuits, which allege that the app is responsible for distracted driving behavior that has led to car accidents and injuries, particularly among teenagers.

At Sumner Law Group, LLC our St. Louis car accident lawyers understand the injuries and heartache that distracted driving accidents involving young drivers can cause. While sending photographs and video via your cellphone may seem like harmless fun, the truth is that if your teen is using Snapchat while driving, the teen is putting himself or herself, as well as other drivers, at risk of a serious accident.

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