Steps to Take Immediately After a Personal Injury

young man injured after a car accident

Suffering an injury in an accident can be deeply traumatic. It can also be overwhelming. Nevertheless, in the aftermath of an injury incident, taking the proper steps to protect your health and rights is crucial as you seek fair compensation from the at-fault party. 

Below are some critical steps to take right after an accident to ensure you receive the immediate medical treatment you need and secure the evidence required for a successful personal injury claim.

Steps to Take If You Have Suffered an Injury in Missouri

If someone else’s negligence caused your injury, take the following steps to protect your health, your rights, and your potential personal injury lawsuit: 

  • Don’t assume you aren’t injured. Even if you don’t feel pain immediately after an accident, it is essential to seek medical attention. Go to the emergency room, an urgent care center, or your doctor as soon as possible. Some serious injuries, such as whiplash or concussions, may not present symptoms right away. Seeking medical attention, including a thorough medical exam, is a critical first step in your injury recovery plan.
  • Follow all of your doctor’s instructions. Follow your doctor’s treatment plan to the letter once you’ve sought medical care. Attend all follow-up appointments, take medications as prescribed, and complete any recommended therapy. Not only is this crucial for your health, but it also demonstrates the severity of your injuries for your personal injury claim.
  • Report the injury. As part of the emergency response after your injury, report the accident to the appropriate authorities. That may include the police for a car accident or the property owner in a slip and fall. Make sure to keep a copy of the official accident report for your records. Do not talk to the insurance company until you have a personal injury lawyer to represent you.
  • Document the incident. After an injury accident, begin gathering evidence for your injury claim immediately. That includes taking photos of the accident scene, your injuries, and any property damage. Write down your recollection of the incident while it’s fresh in your mind. Consider keeping a post-injury journal chronicling your pain levels, medical treatments, and how the injury has impacted your daily life.
  • Preserve evidence to support your claim. Collect contact information for eyewitnesses in addition to the documentation like insurance information. Save all medical bills, receipts for out-of-pocket expenses, and proof of missed work and lost income. That evidence will be essential in demonstrating the full extent of your damages.
  • Contact an injury lawyer. One of the most critical steps in the aftermath of an injury incident is consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney. The law firm of Sumner Law Group, LLC, offers free consultations to help you understand your rights and options. We can handle communications with the insurance companies, ensure you meet all legal deadlines, and fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.

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Personal injury cases can be complex and stressful, especially as you cope with the physical and emotional effects of your injuries. You don’t have to navigate this challenging time alone. The St. Louis personal injury attorneys at Sumner Law Group, LLC, are ready to provide the guidance and aggressive advocacy you need every step of the way.

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Brent Sumner

Brent A. Sumner is the Managing Partner at Sumner Law Group, LLC. He focuses his practice exclusively on cases that involve serious personal injuries. Over the years, he has successfully represented thousands of individuals and families, recovering millions of dollars in compensation for injured accident victims.