Pedestrian Paid Policy Limits After Being Struck in Illinois Intersection

birdeye view of an intersection where pedestrian accident occurred

In the Spring of 2022, our client was walking across a street in the crosswalk in Macomb, Illinois. At that same time, a driver was making a left turn, failed to see our client in the crosswalk, and struck him. Plaintiff was severely injured as a result of the impact. He was airlifted from the scene and was confined to the intensive care unit (ICU) for more than two months as a result of a severe brain injury. He also suffered facial fractures, broken bones in his limbs, a fracture to his neck, internal organ bruising, and a large laceration to his leg.

Because of our client’s brain injury, he could not remember what happened to him. As a result, our investigative work was crucial to put the pieces of the story’s puzzle together. We spoke with the police officers at the scene as well as the eye-witnesses. We served Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to learn more about the timing of the walk signals and traffic signal lights. Through our work, we were able to prove that the traffic lights at the intersection in question were set to timers to allow for trains to pass through the intersection. The witnesses believed that the at-fault driver increased his speed as he was making his left turn so as to avoid the railroad arms that were about to come down.

State Farm ultimately paid the policy limits to our client without us even having to file a lawsuit. We did not stop there. Our firm promises to assist and take care of our clients not just until money is received. Instead, we reach out to our clients’ medical providers and lienholders and negotiate the outstanding bills to maximize the amount our clients will pocket. Catastrophic injuries are life-changing and we believe part of our job is to help our clients through the entire process.

Brent Sumner

Brent A. Sumner is the Managing Partner at Sumner Law Group, LLC. He focuses his practice exclusively on cases that involve serious personal injuries. Over the years, he has successfully represented thousands of individuals and families, recovering millions of dollars in compensation for injured accident victims.