Expect Better

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As a community we can expect better from people on the roadways.

The United States civil justice system is the greatest justice system in the world. Juries get to decide disputes between parties in a civil case. The jury that hears the case is made up of a cross-section of the community where the car accident occurred.

This is why in personal injury cases if someone runs a red light or drives drunk it will be the people that live in that community that decide the outcome of the personal injury case against the negligent driver. It makes sense that the community where the accident occurs is where the case is tried in court. You don’t want drunk drivers in your community and you don’t want people that don’t obey the traffic safety laws driving in your community.

Brent Sumner lives in St. Louis, Missouri and he expects safety on the roads from the citizens of St. Louis. Mr. Sumner is dedicated to making our communities safer by creating awareness of the dangers of drunk driving and not obeying traffic safety rules. Mr. Sumner represents people injured in car accidents and brings the wrongdoer to court in order to make an impression on the wrongdoer and others in the community. Mr. Sumner believes he can make a difference in his community by standing up for safety. If we obey the traffic safety rules in this community we have a right to expect the same from everyone else on the roads.

andrew martin

Andrew S. Martin focuses his legal practice on helping individuals and families whose lives have been forever changed by devastating accidents that could have been prevented. He is a skilled trial attorney who has secured more than $30 million in verdicts and settlements for his deserving clients.