3 high schoolers killed in Sunday crash in St. Louis County

A crash that occurred in Ballwin, Missouri, which is a suburb of St. Louis County, Missouri, has claimed the lives of three children.  Police said that Cole Anello, 16, of Manchester, Missouri was driving a Nissan Maxima when the car crashed into a tree and burst into flames.  Cole Anello, Jacob Keifer, 15, of Ballwin, Missouri, and Rhegan Sajben, 15, of Wildwood, Missouri were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.  Two other children, both 16 years of age, were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

As a personal injury attorney with experience handling product liability cases, the Nissan Maxima needs to be preserved and inspected. Cars should not burst into flames after motor vehicle crashes.  All cars are designed to hold up in crashes.  You can see on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website vehicle safety recalls and other problems.  According to a study, nearly 400,000 Nissan vehicle on the road are fire risks and could catch fire in crashes.  Nissan has issued multiple recalls over the problem of Maximas bursting into flames.

If the Nissan Maxima that was involved in this crash is part of the safety recall, then Nissan has liability for the deaths and injuries involved in this single, car crash.  The families involved should contact a personal injury attorney immediately to make sure the car is preserved so it can be inspected.


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Brent Sumner

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