$250,000 Settlement for Head-On Car Crash

Our client was traveling on a two-lane road in Montgomery County, Illinois when another vehicle entered his lane and hit him head-on. The plaintiff suffered immediately, life changing injuries. He was airlifted to a local hospital where he was treated for more than twenty fractures in his left leg. Due to the severity of the fractures, the surgeons performed two separate surgeries on plaintiff – one immediately and second a couple weeks later. He was left with permanent hardware in his left leg. For a period of time, amputation of his left foot was a real possibility. Thankfully, he was able to avoid amputation.

Due to his injuries, however, our client was not able to work for many months which financially strained his family. The at-fault driver only had the minimum coverage limits at the time of the crash – $25,000. Through the investigative work our firm performed. We were able to quickly secure those policy limits for our client from Bristol West Insurance. We then made an underinsurance claim (UIM) with our client’s insurance company, Progressive Insurance. This is a great example of why it is so important to make sure you and your loved ones are carrying adequate UIM limits. If you are injured by a driver who does not have enough insurance coverage to pay for your damages, you will want to be able to make a UIM claim with your own insurance company, just like we did for our client. We were able to use the detailed report from the Illinois State Police, witness statements, and our client’s medical records and bills to convince our client’s insurance carrier to pay another $225,000.

Brent Sumner

Brent A. Sumner is the Managing Partner at Sumner Law Group, LLC. He focuses his practice exclusively on cases that involve serious personal injuries. Over the years, he has successfully represented thousands of individuals and families, recovering millions of dollars in compensation for injured accident victims.