Motorcycling has become a major means of transportation to Missouri and Illinois residents. Obviously, travel via motorcycle, can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken or the other automobile drivers do not properly share the road with motorcyclists. Consequently, as the number of motorcycle drivers increases, so does the amount of accidents that occur. Sadly, during the time between 2001 through 2008 almost 34,000 motorcyclists were killed in an accident and one million motorcycle drivers were treated for injuries to their bodies. During that seven year time period, there was an increase of 55% of fatal deaths by motorcyclists. 13% of fatal traffic accidents happen to motorcyclists, even though only 3% of drivers on the road are driving a motorcycle.



The Sumner Law Group understands motorcycle accidents and injuries better then most attorneys. We specialize in car and vehicle accidents and have managed countless cases dealing with automobiles and motorcycles. Because of the ever increasing number of deaths and injuries due to motorcycle inquiries, we have focused our expertise on this type of personal injury case.



Most of the time motorcycle accidents are not due to the motorcyclist. Many accidents are actually due to careless driving of cars and trucks. These accidents occur when careless drivers do not share the road properly with motorcyclists. These drivers need to practice safer driving habits, but sadly the harm is usually already done and these errors in driving judgment must be paid for.



These accidents could have terrible outcomes for the motorcyclist, such as injury or fatality. Additionally motorcyclists often do not have much, if any, protection to their bodies during a collision with an automobile. This combination of careless driving and motorcyclist’s inability to protect themselves from a vehicle like a truck or car can cause severe damage physically to the driver of the motorcycle. These types of accidents need an expert team like the St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyers at Sumner Law Group that has had years of experience in tackling and winning these types of cases. The Sumner Law Group is an expert in these matters and will diligently fight for you and your family in any form of personal injury case. Our team of St. Louis motorcycle accident Lawyers has represented those who have been hurt while driving safely on a motorcycle and have fought and won millions of dollars for those who have been hurt by the negligence of others.