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Danta Brown






We are all mourning the death of Donta Brown.  Donta Brown was driving down Interstate 55 in St. Louis County when a drunk driver, Carlyon Johnson, hit him head on going the wrong way.  According the reports, Donta Brown was driving a 2017 Hyundai Elentra when he was struck head on by a 2000 Toyota 4Runner driven by Carlyon Johnson.  Both men died from their injuries in the crash.


At the Sumner Law Group we punish drunk drivers.  We believe drinking and driving is a choice and we want to stop people from drinking and driving.  We also look to sue the bars under Missouri dram shop laws for overserving drunks and allowing them to drive.  Innocent people are always the ones that suffer when drunks choose to drive.  We can stop drunk driving.


I believe the family of Donta Brown needs to file suit against Carlyon Johnson and the bar where he was drinking before the crash.  This will help raise awareness and force bars to stop overserving patrons.  Additionally, the design of the intersection at Reavis Barracks where he entered Interstate 55 going the wrong way should be investigated.  This is not the first accident to happen like this in that area.


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