nursing home abuse/Assault

When abuse or neglect occurs in the nursing home setting, the facility can be held liable if any of the following played a part in causing harm to a resident or patient:

    •    negligent hiring

    •    understaffing

    •    inadequate training

    •    breach of statutory or regulatory obligations, and

    •    medication errors.

Remember that the facility is also "vicariously liable" for the act, including most actions taken in the course and scope of the worker's job responsibilities.

As part of a resident’s care, nursing homes often hire contractors or otherwise outsource various tasks to third parties. Those third parties may also be liable for abuse or neglect of a resident. For example, if another resident -- or a guest visiting the nursing home -- injures a resident, the private security firm providing security to the nursing home may be liable for negligence, and therefore on the financial hook for damages .

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