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Driving while drunk is one of the most despicable and terrible acts that one can do. By using a designated driver or DD, this type of accident can easily be prevented every time.  When someone chooses to drive while drunk or intoxicated with either alcohol or drugs in their body, they are taking innocent lives into their hands. They may even be taking your life and the life of your family into their unsteady hands. They have chosen to drink while driving and they deserve to be punished for this type of crime against you, your family, friends, and society in general.  The legal limit of blood to alcohol (BAC Alcohol) is .08%, or below that amount. When a person consumes enough alcohol to be legally drunk and drives a car, their vision, mindset, and coordination are greatly impaired. Simply put, they are reckless and endangering all of us by getting behind the wheel.



When a drunk driver hurts you or your family in a car accident, or any type of personal injury case, the staff of expert attorneys at the Sumner Law Group will guide you through your drunk-driving case. The Sumner Law Group has faced endless cases of negligence of others, and we have specialized our firm in personal injury cases. Our team of car accident lawyers will not rest until you and your loved one’s have the financial justice against those who have hurt you or your family in a drunk-driving accident.



 From a criminal and civil aspect we will help you fight those who have hurt you and your loved ones in a drunk-driving accident. The mental anguish, physical injury and personal property damage caused by a drunk driver is usually very large and is hard to quantify. Take a moment and pick up the phone to contact the office of the Sumner Law Group. At no cost to you, we will advise you, and fight for your legal rights. You are in expert hands with the lawyers at the Sumner Law Group when it comes to drunk driving or any type of car accident. Our office number is 314-669-0048, or if you would prefer you can contact us via email at





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